Covid measures = less sex and less STIs

It seems like the measures of confinement, social distancing, the closing of bars of restaurants and travel restrictions got one positive impact, which is the sharp decline of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in 2020.

According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI), the 2020 life conditions led to a drop of 39% in gonorrhoea cases, 11% in chlamydia cases, and 20% in HIV cases. The only one to be on the rise was syphilis, up by 39%. Which of course urged Oyvind Nilsen, of the FHI, to try to convince young people to use protection before being in a stable relationship, saying: « Condoms are like anti-COVID masks: they create a barrier against infections ».

Condoms are your friends, folkens!

What happened in Norway when Covid hit is that there was a general confinement from the middle of March, which pushed the Viking and me to rush back from our honeymoon over seas as the borders were closing all over Europe and the flights were almost all canceled. It meant staying home, and just the « necessary » shops were open (grocery shops and pharmacies). Our places of work (restaurant for me, bar and hotel for the Viking) closed down for a month and a half – two months, and restrictions were put on place to limit the number of guests in serving places, as well as limits to serve alcohol at night. Also, you were supposed to (and still are!) be sitting down and have a seat, otherwise you wouldn’t get any service. Yes, it also means good bye dancing, which I miss a lot!

All in all, it made it hard for people to, pardon my French, hump a potential partner on the dance floor or at the counter of a bar. Since I’m married, I went through that time quite normally, but I really wonder how it was to meet people since the beginning of the pandemic. How do single people do? Apparently, getting corona-tested before meeting or hanging out was a thing for a while, but people started to meet through friends again during private parties (highly forbidden, but hey, youth is youth). I guess maybe some were safer than before, or that they adopted new coping mechanisms through trusted regular partners or so.

Nevertheless, I feel sorry for those who didn’t manage to meet anyone during that time. May you live longer and safer, without Covid or STIs!

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