A new ceramic workshop in town!

Cone 7 opens its doors to the public next week.

Three ceramic artists started working at the beginning of the year to prepare a new space dedicated to ceramics in the heart of Laksevåg, a residential and industrial neighborhood (I also live there!) located not too far from the center of Bergen. It’s opening its doors next Wednesday to the public for a basic sculptural course, a sort of introduction to the world and arts of ceramic and clay.

I know that I usually inform on more general stuff on Bergen and the country, but one of them is my friend and I find the idea totally cool, so here I go!

Photo by Marilinn Lund

The idea came from two French artists, Eleonore Griveau and Lorie Ballage, who studied together in Tours and then in the Bergen arts academy, where Lorie still works in the ceramic department. They started talking about the idea two years ago and developed it last year, which is when they met Finnish artist Marilinn Lund, then studying at the Bergen arts academy, and asked her to join the project. They started renting the space in January and have since then spent any available time fixing it and making it ready, giving a second life to already used equipment such as their kiln and two throwing wheels, mandatory pieces of equipment for such a workshop! Thinking sustainable, Eleonore even fixed a sink that a friend found in a ditch so it wouldn’t throw clay in the sewage. They are currently on the verge of fixing a glazing laboratory and bringing in a 3D printer.

Eleonore leaning on the fixed sink, right next to what is called a « slab roller », used to press clay.
Photo by Marilinn Lund
Always thinking practical, they came up with made up stairs that allow storage and an access to an extra working space below the ceiling. Photo by Marilinn Lund

« The idea is to have a space that gives the possibility to everyone interested to come and try out this art, to artists to continue working with proper equipment, and for us to continue our practice because we are first and foremost artists still practicing », Eleonore told me. « We want to allow the development of a community where people can share a knowledge and a space, like a studio. »

« Ceramic is an uprising trend, it’s becoming very popular », Marilinn Lund explained to me. « But you need a lot of space and equipment, it’s a very demanding medium. For example, people like me, after school, often lack the possibility of accessing easily a kiln and continue their ceramic projects. »

In order to make their dream come true, the three artists have invested their personal funds and have also gotten support from the municipality of Bergen and the Arts city council.

For now, they are starting with a one night class a week, but the goal is to have more classes after Christmas, as well as day courses, workshops on ceramic but also glazing and 3D printing. In the future, they are hoping to get more teachers with different specialties and open it to children through the schools. Next summer, the team will start organizing cultural residencies through a collaboration with a gallery in Bologna, with the idea of creating a European network of ceramic artists that could exchange knowledge and talent.

One of the benches where artists and amateurs can work on, right in front of a classical pretty view from Laksevåg.
Photo by Marilinn Lund

I strongly recommend you to register to discover this art that has nothing to envy to painting! Here is the website, but you can also check out their Facebook page and their Instagram.

From the left to the right: Eleonore Griveau, Lorie Ballage and Marilinn Lund

Next event that could interest you is the Christmas market that is organized in the workshop December 11 and 12, with other artists.

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  1. Bonjour
    Je n ai jamais fait de poterie mais le work shop m intéresse beaucoup.
    Pouvez vous me dire combien la classe coûtera?
    Merci d avance


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