Who am I?

I’m a part-time waitress and journalist, full-time wife and cats mom, and an always books, food and drinks enthusiast. I was dragged by the hair by a charming Viking to the city of Bergen, in the north-west of Norway.

Here, I work as a waitress in an Italian restaurant, and I keep on freelancing on the side, mainly for English-speaking media specialized in the Middle East and North Africa region. Born and raised in France, I used to live next to Paris then in Bretagne, where my family is still today, before studying political sciences and journalism in Toulouse, south-west France.

I was always captivated by the Middle East so I ended up living six years in Beirut, Lebanon, as a journalist. That is where I became a grown-ass woman, and also where I met the Viking, whom I followed back to his land and got married to.

I pretty much work, write, hang out with friends, cook food from all over the world, read and watch tons of TV shows and movies. I love people, but the Viking doesn’t, so I meet enough for both.

Life has been alright so far in Norway, especially when this shit show of a pandemic hit the screens and then our lives. But I felt like putting some of my perceptions of Vikingland as a foreigner into words, so here we are! Velkommen!

Oh, and my name is Florence Massena, like the city.