One day when I was in Lebanon, I was checking the news in France. I saw right away that heavy floods in the south of France had led to missing people and casualties. Wow, I thought, intense. At the same time in Lebanon, there was some fighting at the border with Syria. And the Viking, checking the Norwegian news in his region, saw that there been a flood in a rural area but that, luckily, « all the sheep of the barn there had been saved ».

Moving to Norway, I realized pretty quickly that the « news » here were quite different than the ones I was used to in France and Lebanon. If I think about a few weeks ago, the big news were about a Norwegian businessman who lived in Sweden and needed papers in Norway. In order to avoid being put in a quarantine hotel for ten days, he crossed the border illegally by skis! These kinds of events satisfy the local media because otherwise, let’s be honest here, there isn’t so much going on. For the anecdote, this man got surprised by a snowstorm and then sent to prison after receiving a hefty fine. Karma, am I right? I share those kinds of news on Facebook by writing « Meanwhile, in Norway… ».

A page from « Norsk, ikke sant? », an illustrated book about Norway by Jenny K. Blake

Of course, I’m not saying that nothing serious ever happens in Norway, but it’s a generally calmer country, more « appeased », than France. And there is obviously no comparaison when it comes to Lebanon, which current state breaks my heart.

I want this blog to be an approach to the Norsk way of life for foreigners or newcomers, those who wonder « what the hell Norway? » and those who, like me before, just didn’t consider this country at all. Because without the Viking, I don’t think I would have ever given any thought about the country.

Likewise, Norway has such a peaceful setting, powerful resources and a beautiful environment, that not much thought is given to what is going on around the world. It’s fair I guess, just as long as you don’t care about global news like I do! I guess you can get used to it, but it’s true that not a lot of media attention is allocated to outside of here, except for the big events.

It can feel that, meanwhile in Norway, very little can happen that could disrupt the local quietness.

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